Relationship Mentoring


What is Relationship Mentoring about?

We are always in relationship, be it with our partner, family, friends or work colleagues. The quality of those relationships determines the well-being of each individual. Depending on our story, we wisely hide away part of who we really are in order to navigate our world.  We all experience difficulties in relationships at different times. Expressing our felt experience within a safe relationship can help us to understand our behaviours and choose to be more open and real in our relationships with others.

Relationship Mentoring provides this confidential, unconditional, non-judgmental safe space where the individual expresses their story. This allows them to become more aware of themselves and their relationships with others.


Why someone may be searching for Relationship Mentoring?


  • You may be experiencing regular struggles in key relationships in your life.
  • You do not like the person you have become when stressed and wish to make changes.
  • You are seeking support in how to communicate effectively in some relationships.
  • You are feeling stressed and over-whelmed on a regular basis.
  • Joy, ease and fun in your relationships are rare.
  • You are curious about who you really are and who you could be.

I Work With Individuals & Groups

Relationship Mentoring One to One

  • Safe Space
  • Flexible Locations
  • Flexible Times
  • Online option on Zoom

Relationship Mentoring Talks

  • Workplace Wellbeing
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Parent Wellbeing
  • Online option on Zoom

Relationship Mentoring Workshops

  • Realising Your Potential
  • Parenting Self and Children
  • Relationship, Relationship, Relationship
  • Online option on Zoom

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