Workplace Mindfulness Workshop



Mindfulness Workshop – Full-day, Half-day or shorter options.

I run full-day, half-day or shorter option Mindfulness Workshops which provide a solid introduction and experience of Mindfulness practice for workplace groups.
In conjunction with the organisation, I include a variety of short guided Mindfulness practices during the workshop. Throughout the workshop participants explore their experience of the practices and engage in a variety of different activities and exercises which support particular learning themes.

Taster session.

I provide an introduction to Mindfulness presentation, followed by a short guided practice and Questions and Answers session for individuals who are interested in exploring the possibility of a Mindfulness workshop in their organisation.
I provide detail of the 8-week workplace Mindfulness program that I provide as a follow on option to the Workshop if the organisation is interested.

I Work With Individuals & Groups

Mindfulness One to One

  • Safe Space
  • Flexible Locations
  • Flexible Times
  • Online option on Zoom

Mindfulness Talks

  • Workplace Wellbeing
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Parent Wellbeing
  • Online option on Zoom

Mindfulness Workshops

  • MBSR 8 week classes for individuals, 2.5 hour class.
  • Workplace MBI 8 week, one hour class.
  • MBI class for individuals 8 week, one hour class
  • Online option on Zoom

Ask a question, request an introductory call, book a place on a Mindfulness taster session or book an appointment.

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